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Turbocharger bearing lubrication system can be separated from the host intelligent lubrication


Main engine lubricating oil tank: a double bottom at the bottom of the engine, surrounded by a cofferdam. Sounding pipes are provided for understanding the level of lubricant in the oil pan, and sounding pipes for cofferdams for leaks. Cofferdams need to be inspected regularly for signs of leakage. The host's lubricating oil bottom case consists of a level gauge, sounding pipe, exhaust pipe, heating steam coil, manhole, suction pipe, and valves for LO pumps and LO purifiers.

Turbocharger lubricant system

According to the design, the turbocharger bearing lubrication system can be separated from the main engine lubrication system, and intelligent lubrication can also be provided through the main engine lubrication system. There is a separate filter for TC lubrication, usually a duplex filter. The turbocharger LO flows from the duplex filter outlet to the intake manifold to supply air to the turbocharger. The turbocharger's LO outlet is equipped with a sight glass to comply with continuous flow. Under normal circumstances, LO supplies are provided for turbochargers to meet them for repair and prevent damage. When the engine is stopped, the LO supply is maintained because natural ventilation through the turbocharger causes the rotor to rotate. Therefore, the bearings are lubricated.

Cylinder lubrication system

The alkalinity of the cylinder lubricating oil should match the sulfur content of the HFO supplied to the engine. The load-dependent lubrication of the cylinders is performed by a separate cylinder lubrication system.



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