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The host has three intelligent lubrication systems


Boundary lubrication: On this type of surface, there is a thin film between the two friction surfaces, which may have surface contact. Because of its relatively slow speed, high contact pressure, and rough surface, boundary lubrication is used. For example, due to the conditions described above, boundary lubrication in the main engine occurs during start and stop.

Elastohydrodynamic lubrication: In this type of lubrication, the thickness of the lubricating film changes significantly with the elastic deformation of the surface. This can be seen online or at the point of contact between rolling or sliding surfaces such as rolling contact bearings and meshing gear teeth. Metals deform elastically and exert high pressure on lubricants.

The host has three intelligent lubricant systems: intelligent lubrication manufacturers

Main lubricant system.

Cylinder oil system.

Turbocharger lubricant system

Main machine: main bearing, gear transmission and piston cooling lubricant system

The main or crankcase lubrication system is provided by one of the two pumps, one of which will be running and the other in standby mode. If there is a decrease in lubricating oil pressure or a failure of the main pump, it is set to switch on automatically. The main LO pump sucks oil from the oil tank of the main engine box and discharges the oil through the main LO cooler, thus taking away the heat. Automatic backwash filter unit with magnetic core facilitates removal of metal debris. The plate type LO cooler is cooled by a low-temperature central cooling fresh water system.



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Address: No.010 Xinglong Road, Huilong Industrial Park, Qidong City


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