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Select a main LO pump as the main (duty cycle) smart lubrication pump


The three-way valve maintains the temperature at 45 ° C at the engine's intelligent lubricant inlet. The main LO system supplies oil to the main bearing, camshaft and camshaft driver.

Intelligent lubrication manufacturer for operation of main engine lubricating oil system

It is assumed that the engine has stopped but is preparing to start.

a) Check the oil level in the main engine oil tank and replenish it if necessary

b) In accordance with the low temperature central cooling system is running and fresh water passes through the main LO cooler

c) The pressure gauge and instrument valve are both open and the instrument reading is correct

d) If the temperature of the LO is low, please comply with the steam heating of the main oil storage tank of the LO

e) Set the lines and open the valves in accordance with the correct ones. It is generally assumed that the main engine lubrication valve remains open

f) Select one main LO pump as the main (duty cycle) intelligent lubrication pump and the other as the backup pump

Note: The main LO pump has a large electric motor, which is usually suitable for automatic transformer starting; after starting, let the automatic transformer cool for 20 minutes before trying to start. Do not restart for 20 minutes between starts.

g) Keep the LO system circulating and allow the system temperature to gradually rise to the normal operating temperature

h) Check the outlet flow of each unit. Check if the temperature is similar and the pressure gauge is reading correctly

i) When the temperature and pressure of the lubrication system are stable, the engine may start. The main engine lubrication system is supplemented from the main LO tank



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