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What is a pulse intelligent lubrication system?


What is a pulse intelligent lubrication system?

The engine is equipped with a crank angle sensor, which sends a signal to the control unit to inject oil at the correct position of the piston movement

The 200 bar high pressure servo oil charged to the lubricator unit is reduced to 50 bar, which pressurizes the piston in the sleeve. This injects the oil into the bushing at a consistent pressure for even distribution

The main controller of the pulse lubrication system WECS (Wattsler Engine Control System) controls the opening and filling of the solenoid valve

Each unit is equipped with 8 lubrication cores, 2 cylinder oil and servo oil piping systems, and a 4/2 solenoid valve for servo oil flow.

After receiving the signal from the crank angle sensor, WECS allows the solenoid valve to open and pass the servo oil in the correct position, that is, between the piston ring groups. This in turn squeezes the piston and delivers the oil stored in the needle tube channel.

As soon as the injection is finished, there will be a small hole, which will once again fill the pipe channel with cylinder oil when the piston moves backwards. In this way, after calculating the load and sulfur content of the fuel, the oil is present in the chamber in a metered quantity conforming to WECS.

Advantages of pulse lubrication systems

Reduced cylinder oil feed rate-up to 0.7 gm / kwh, reducing operating costs

Cylinder oil in accordance with metering and delivery, providing good lubrication for piston rings and bushes

Good oil distribution in the lining

Less fouling in the combustion space

Reduces fouling in clearing space



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