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Intelligent lubrication of modern marine engines


Intelligent lubrication of modern marine engines

The development of smart cylinder lubrication has played a role in several steps in transforming a conventional marine engine into a modern, intelligent two-stroke marine engine.

The main reason for developing a high-tech cylinder lubrication system is to reduce the operating costs of the engine. In addition, lubricating oil is generally used as a cylinder lubricating oil in a combustion chamber of an engine. Therefore, the development of intelligent cylinder lubrication is significant. Process lubrication manufacturers

In the shipping industry, two big heads-MAN Diesel and Wärtsilä have introduced a skill for modern electronically controlled marine engines. This type of lubrication system, called Alpha and Pulse, is the best in its class.

Marine engine

In this article, we will understand the meaning of pulse lubrication and how it can help reduce cylinder fueling rates and reduce ship operating costs.

Wartsila-A major player in the marine engine manufacturing industry has introduced intelligent cylinder lubrication systems in its electronically controlled engines. This system is commonly referred to as a pulse lubrication system.

Construction and work of pulse lubrication system

Typically, there are eight sleeves connected to the cylinder liner in a single row, and these sleeves receive oil from an electrically controlled dose pump.

The oil is fed into the dose pump from a daily storage tank through a 40-micron fine filter.

The styli consist of a pipe channel for storing the metered amount of oil. The area of the pipeline passage and the amount of oil can be changed by changing the position of the piston



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