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The host intelligent lubrication also has a subsystem


The host LO purifier sucks oil from the host LO oil pan and purifies the engine oil. Its feed temperature is maintained around 90 degrees Celsius (because large density differences can be obtained at this temperature) to achieve effective separation. The engine LO is often tested to see if it is suitable for further repairs. Samples should be taken from the circulating oil, not directly from the sump.

The host intelligent lubrication also has a subsystem (depending on whether the host is camless or camshaft). In a camless engine, a branch from a lubricating oil inlet to a host is provided to a hydraulic power supply unit. The function of the HPS is to hydraulically control the fuel injection and exhaust valve actuators and drive the cylinder lubrication unit. In hosts with camshafts, the lubrication system is delivered to the roller guides and bearings of the camshaft to drive the exhaust valve and fuel pump.

The supply pressure in the main lubrication system depends on the design and requirements and is usually around 4.5 kg / cm2. A smart lubrication LO supply is provided to the cooler through a three-way valve that allows some oil to bypass the cooler.

One branch of the lubricant reaches the articulated arm or telescoping tube to the crosshead, from there it serves three functions

1) Some oil flows down from the piston rod to cool the piston, and then drops,

2) Some oil lubricated crosshead bearings and shoe guides

3) The remaining oil passes through the hole drilled in the connecting rod connected to the bottom bearing. One branch of the lubricant leads to the hydraulic power supply unit for operating the exhaust valves, thrust bearings, torque compensators and torsional vibration dampers. Cooling applications of oil in shock absorbers are important.



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