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GGQ type dry oil filter

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I. Conditions of use

Y series filter is an indispensable device for petroleum, chemical and other transportation pipelines. Intelligent lubrication has the advantages of compact structure, convenient use, large filtration capacity, small pressure loss, safety and reliability, and low price. This product has complete specifications and strong applicability. If it is installed at the inlet of the pump or the relevant part of the system pipeline, it can increase the service life of the pump and equipment and ensure the safe and stable operation of the entire system. A filter is a process of separating solid particles from a fluid. Usually, under the pressure of a pressure difference, the flow and solid phase mixture is forced to pass through the filter medium to trap the solid particles on the medium to achieve the function of separating fluid and solid from each other.

II.Technical parameters and dimensions



III.Model label description


IV.Working principle

Type Y-Ⅰ, Y-Ⅱ, they are welded by the main pipe and the branch pipe at a certain angle. When the liquid enters the filter cartridge with the corresponding size filter, its small impurities are filtered to the bottom of the branch pipe, and the filtrate is filtered by The outlet of the device is discharged.

Y-Ⅲ type It is installed at the turning point of the pipeline. After the fluid enters the filter cartridge, the filtrate can be discharged through the outlet through 90 °. When cleaning, screw the cock at the bottom of the tube or remove the plate.

V.Filter specifications and material of each part



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