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HRDK-03B dry oil electrical control box

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I. Overview

HRDK-03B dry oil electric control box is a CPU-based control system. The control box panel has digital display and touch keys. The lubrication time and interval time can be displayed and set on the panel. All operations can be completed on the panel. .

Automatically identify the signals of the differential pressure switch, pressure controller and hydraulic reversing travel switch, take the variable of the signal as the reversing mark, adopt two-wire wiring method for process lubrication, and do not need to recognize the wiring, using dual reversing of pressure signal and time signal Mode to ensure reliable commutation of the system.

HRDK-03B electric control box can replace all old-fashioned dry oil control boxes. It is a more advanced and scientific electric control box with dry oil lubrication system.

HRDK-03B electric control box can run automatically, manual control, remote start and stop, as well as automatic control of fuel pump and DCS signal (pump operation, system failure, ready).



III.External equipment configuration table of old model electric control box


IV.Main points of using the new-type single-chip multifunctional electric control box

1. This type of electrical control box is compatible with all old models in the table;

2. Do not connect peripheral components not in the configuration table;

3. Compatible with differential pressure switch, pressure switch, hydraulic directional valve, and can be connected into two-wire system;

4. Don't set the lubrication monitoring time too long, it should be 1 minute to 3 minutes longer than the actual oil supply time, otherwise the timing commutation time is too long;

5. The lubrication monitoring time and interval time must be set before running;

6. The remote control is a passive contact (active access will burn the control box).

V.Output terminal block wiring diagram


The configuration of the electric control box is different for different models. Components that are not installed can be left empty and not connected.


Alternate display of monitoring time and interval time after power on

The corresponding digital tube flashes when you press the "Monitoring time" or "Interval time" key

Each time the key is pressed, the setting bit moves one bit, and the flashing bit can be cycled to set the time.

When the large interval time is 9999 on one screen, the second screen is 00 minutes and 59 seconds, and the large lubrication time is 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

After setting the time, you must press the "Reset" key to confirm before entering the next operation.

Press the "Reset" key to stop any operation and return to standby

If the overload indicator is on, the system will stop. Reset the thermal relay to normal.

VI.Solenoid valve, switch block wiring diagram




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