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Lubricate pumps with high film strength synthetic oil process


Three bearing protector seals were installed on one machine during the planned plant shutdown.

Since no detailed drawing of the bearing housing is available, the exact installation geometry can only be met after the small turbine is dismantled. One of the main problems is the short outboard length-due to the presence of a wheelbase of less than 0.25 inches, a steam deflector and a baffle.

However, the manufacturer's engineers were able to modify the design to fit the existing groove of the labyrinth seal of the original equipment manufacturer. Delivery was completed within a week of measuring the steam turbine and bearing housing, and the turbine has been operating without problems for many years.

The key is that cost-effective equipment can be added to the refinery. However, the development of good bearing protection products for steam turbines is targeted.


Compared to standard products commonly used in pumps, the types described here have important advantages, such as suitable for high temperatures, incorporating Aflas O-rings as standard elastomers, providing additional axial clearance to accommodate thermal expansion and A high-temperature graphite gasket is used.

API-610 stipulates the use of thrust bearings and brass cages with specific load angles, which is a compromise, which is attractive for factories that want to standardize before avoiding failures. Therefore, high-membrane-strength synthetic oil process lubrication pumps, pumps operating at high temperatures, and malfunctioning pumps that are more common than other pumps in the factory should be used.


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