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Large dry thin oil lubrication system


This equipment can be used to form excellent systems and can be retrofitted to existing paper machines when rebuilding lubrication systems. It is also suitable for use with the system.

By connecting to the control mechanism of the paper machine, it can provide excellent facilities, including:

Control and monitor system pressure and temperature

Filter monitoring

Oil level monitoring

Monitor oil flow at individual lubrication points

Oil temperature monitoring in different parts of the machine


One of the main strengths of control systems is modern display skills, which are used to provide maintenance engineers with the same common monitoring and control functions commonly found in plant process control systems. These displays identify potential faults, so they can be identified efficiently and enable the operator to take action faster than would otherwise be the case.

The control system can realize the automatic start of the oil lubrication system. This circumvents the optical monitoring and manual adjustments typically required for cold start lubrication systems (which are larger dry thin oil lubrication systems) without spilling cold, high-viscosity oil from the bearing housing. Automatic field control valves in the system allow step-by-step completion of the process.

Improved oil flow monitoring

Surveillance has traditionally used optical methods, such as sight glasses or fuel gauges. Over the past decade, hydraulic rotor flowmeters have evolved into reliable, easy-to-operate devices. However, they cannot pinpoint a single failure, nor do they provide the type of detail required to prevent shutdowns.


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Address: No.010 Xinglong Road, Huilong Industrial Park, Qidong City


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