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DRB-MSeries electric lubrication pump and device

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1. Overview       

DRB-M series electric lubricating pump is suitable for single-smart lubrication, double-line dry thin oil centralized lubrication system with high lubrication frequency, long piping length and dense lubrication points, as a delivery device for supplying grease.

If equipped with a mobile trolley, hose, oil gun and cable to form a mobile electric lubrication pump device, it is suitable for low lubrication frequency, low lubrication points, large oil supply, and it is not convenient to use centralized single machine equipment for mobile grease lubrication.

This series of lubrication pumps are electric high-pressure plungers. The working pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily within the nominal pressure range, and has double overload protection. The oil storage tank has an automatic oil level alarm device. If the lubrication pump is equipped with an electric control box, it can realize the automatic control of the two-line centralized lubrication system and monitor the system.

2、Technical parameters


The medium used is a grease (NLGI 0 # -3 #) with a cone penetration of not less than 220 (25 ° C, 150g) and 1 / 10mm, and a lubricant with a viscosity grade greater than N68.

3、Model description


4、Graphic symbol





6、Action description



The reduction gear motor is fixed on the connection flange with the pump device, and drives the eccentric shaft to drive the sliding fork to make a linear reciprocating motion, and drives the spiral oil pressure plate and the oil scraper to rotate clockwise (the oil does not have this mechanism). Press evenly around the suction port of the pump unit.

There are two sets of pistons in the pump body. Each set of pistons consists of a working piston and two control pistons. When the working piston in one group completes the oil suction process, the working piston in the other group presses the grease towards the oil. mouth. As shown in the figure above, the upper group of pistons finishes sucking oil, and the lower group of pistons finishes pressing oil. When the sliding fork moves to the left, each starts a new working cycle. At this time, the pistons 1 and 2 in the lower group move to the left, the piston 2 reaches the limit position under the action of the spring force, and the piston 1 continues to move to the left. At this time, a vacuum is formed between the pistons 2 and 1, and the degree of vacuum varies with the piston 1 The leftward movement increases continuously. The sliding fork moves to the extreme position. Piston 1 opens the oil suction port, and grease is sucked in from the oil suction port. If the spring force is insufficient, the piston 2 is not pushed to the extreme position. At this time, the push rod 3 will be pushed by the sliding fork. The piston 2 is forced to the extreme position while the upper pistons 1, 2, and 3 move to the left. The piston 1 first closes the suction port. The sucked grease moves to the left under the push of the piston 1. When the piston 2 turns When the oil outlet is opened, the movement of the piston 2 and the push rod 3 also stops, the piston 1 continues to move to the left, and the grease is pushed out from the oil outlet. The cyclic work is repeated in this cycle. The two sets of pistons alternately feed the grease from the oil outlet. The extruded grease is filtered by the filter on the connection flange of the pump device and then supplied to the system.

7、Essentials of use

1. This series of electric lubricating pump should be installed in a place with suitable ambient temperature and less dust, which is convenient for adjustment, inspection, maintenance, disassembly and washing, and convenient for fat replenishment.

2. This series of electric lubricating pumps should be arranged in the center of the system as much as possible, shorten the piping length of the system and keep the pressure drop low, so that the pump can generate enough pressure to overcome the back pressure at the lubrication point.

3. The set pressure of the pump pressure regulating valve can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 0 to 40 MPa, and it is not allowed to exceed the nominal pressure of the pump (40 MPa) during use.

4. The filter of the filter at the pump outlet should be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage.

5. If the pressure reaches about 50 MPa due to some failure of the system, the fuse will rupture. You must find out the cause and remove it before installing a new fuse.

6. To replenish the intelligent grease in the oil reservoir, you must use an electric refueling pump to add it from the grease filling port of the oil reservoir.

7. The film type oil level indicator in the oil reservoir is only suitable for grease. When the medium is lubricating oil, it must be replaced with a floating ball type oil level indicator.

8. When the electric reducer is used for two months for the first time, an appropriate amount of 3 # molybdenum disulfide grease must be replenished from the exhaust plug hole and replenished every four months thereafter.

9. This series of electric lubricating pumps are installed indoors. When used outdoors or in harsh environments, protective measures must be taken.

8、Ordering instructions

1. When ordering a mobile electric lubricating pump device, the required hose length and cable length must be specified in the contract. Anyone who doesn't note will be supplied according to 10 meters of cable and 3 meters of hose.

2. This series of electric lubrication pumps are equipped with the following HRDK standard electric control boxes, which can be ordered according to different control requirements.

3. This series of electric lubricating pumps work in a short time interval. If users need to work continuously for a long time, please specify in the contract.

9、Supplied spare parts

1.Safety piece 10 pieces (stored in the screw hole under the pump outlet)

2. 2 sets of filters


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