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DB-NSeries single line lubrication pump

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1. Conditions of use

DB-N (ZB) series multi-point lubrication pumps are suitable for single-line small and medium-sized mechanical equipment centralized lubrication systems with low lubrication frequency, lubrication points below 50 points, and intelligent lubrication nominal pressure of 31.5MP a, either directly or through a single line Delivery of grease from the distributor to each intelligent lubrication point

Fuel supply device.

The pump is suitable for metallurgy, mining, port, transportation, construction and other equipment.

2.Technical parameters


The medium to be used is a grease with a penetration of not less than 265 (25 ° C, 150g) 1 / 10mm or a lubricant with a viscosity grade greater than N68. The working environment temperature is -20 to 80 ° C.

3.Model description


4.Graphic symbols




6、Instructions for use

1. The multi-point lubrication pump should be installed in an environment where the ambient temperature is appropriate and there is less dust, which is convenient for grease replenishment inspection and maintenance.

2. To replenish fat into the oil reservoir, you must use a fuel pump to inject it from the oil filler of the oil reservoir. It is strictly forbidden to cover and add unfiltered working medium.

3. Connect the motor according to the rotation direction specified by the rotation direction card on the wall of the oil container, and do not reverse it.

4. The number of oil supply ports can be arbitrarily selected within the range of 1 to 14. The plunger pump components that are not used according to the needs of the equipment can be removed by themselves, and the screw holes can be closed with M20 × 1.5 screw plugs.



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