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XYZ-GZ type integral thin oil station

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I. Conditions of use

This product is suitable for thin oil lubrication of machinery and equipment in metallurgy, mining, building materials, energy, transportation and other industries. The working medium is industrial lubricants with viscosity grades N22 ~ N460 (equivalent to IS0 VG22 ~ 460).

The integral thin oil station is characterized in that all components are arranged on the fuel tank, the performance parameters are basically the same as the XYZ-G type, but the five specifications of the thin oil station with a flow rate of more than 125L / min are also made into an integral type, so these Larger petrol stations can still be hoisted as a whole without anchor bolts, making installation particularly convenient; especially suitable for process lubrication where the area of thin oil is limited; but sufficient maintenance height and Area; Because the oil pump is on the top of the tank, the selected oil pump should have a sufficient suction height, especially when the viscosity of the lubricating oil is high and the oil temperature is low.

The oil supply pressure of the integral thin oil station is ≤0.4MP a, the filtering accuracy is 0.08 ~ 0.12mm (small values are allowed at low viscosity), the cooling water temperature is ≤30 ℃, the pressure is 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa, and the oil inlet temperature of the cooler is 50 ℃, the temperature drop after passing the cooler is ≥8 ℃; the electric heater is used to increase the oil temperature.

II.Working principle

Same as XYZ-G type thin oil station ≤125L / min, electric heater is also used to increase oil temperature.

III.Structural features

It is also the same as the thin oil station of type X Y Z-G ≤ 125L / min, but after using magnetic network integration for oil return filtration, the additional magnetic filter is cancelled; the instrument panel (board) is also the same as XYZ-6G to 125G.

IV.Technical Parameters





VI.Principle diagram


Figure 1-3-2 XYZ-GZ thin oil station schematic diagram

VII.Dash board


VIII.Electric control cabinet



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