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SWCQ double-cylinder mesh magnetic core filter

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I. Conditions of use

This product is suitable for the thin oil process lubrication system with a nominal pressure of 0.63M Pa. It is used to filter dirt and impurities in the lubricating oil. Because it has a magnetic core inside, it can also adsorb ferromagnetic particles (such particles can pass through the filter ) Avoid premature wear of mechanical friction pairs; better than ordinary filters in performance; also divided into two groups of filter cartridges and a three-position six-way valve, one cylinder works when working, one cylinder is standby, and can be realized without stopping The filter cartridge is switched to achieve the purpose that the lubrication system can work continuously.

II.Technical performance


1. The nominal pressure of the filter is 0.63MPa.

2. Filter element pressure drop is not more than 0.15MPa.




Flange connection size JB / T81 "Protruding panel type welded steel pipe flange" (PN = 1MPa).

IV. Model labeling instructions


V. working principle

1. The filter is composed of two sets of filtering devices and a six-way reversing valve. In normal work, one set of filtering devices is put into operation, and the other group is closed by the reversing valve for backup.

2. The valve disc type six-way reversing valve is manual. During the work, the backup filter device is cut off and connected to the filter device in operation. The upper part of the valve has on and off marks.

3. There are two sets of filtering devices, one set works and one set is reserved. When the filtering device needs to be cleaned during work, another set of spare filtering devices can be started to work without affecting the normal work of the host.

4.System diagram


VI.Instructions for use

1. When the pressure difference between inlet and outlet is greater than or equal to 0.05MPa, the filtering device should be stopped and the magnetic block of the filter element should be removed for cleaning (including the cylinder).

2. When the filtering accuracy cannot meet the requirements, stop the filtering device and replace the filter.

3. During the operation of the filter, do not turn the directional valve at will.

VII.Download Google

When ordering, the required filtration accuracy value must be specified, and those that are not specified are supplied as 0.12mm.


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