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HRBEDType electric lubrication pump

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HRBED electric lubricating pump is suitable for single and double-line dry (lean) oil centralized lubrication system with many lubrication points, high oiling frequency and nominal pressure of 40 (20MPa). As a device for supplying lubricant, it can also be equipped with mobile The trolley, hose, oil gun, and cable constitute a mobile electric lubrication pump device for low oiling frequency, few lubrication points, large amount of process lubrication oil, and inconvenient single-machine equipment for centralized lubrication. Mobile oiling and oil storage The barrel is also equipped with an automatic oil level alarm device. If equipped with a corresponding electrical control box, it can also realize automatic control and perform system control.

Electric lubricating pump is suitable for single and double-line dry oil centralized lubrication system with high lubrication frequency, long piping length, dense lubrication points, and nominal pressure of 40 MPa, as a conveying device for supplying lubricant. Can also be equipped with a mobile trolley, high-pressure hose, grease gun and cable to form a mobile electric lubrication pump device, used for low lubrication frequency, less lubrication points, large oil supply, and is not convenient for centralized lubrication on a single machine for mobile oil feeding lubricating.

The pump is a single-port electric lubrication pump driven by a reduction gear motor to discharge the lubricant. There are three types of displacement specifications, which can be easily composed of low-cost centralized lubrication systems according to different needs; the dry oil centralized lubrication composed of it has the characteristics of long delivery distance and small oil supply pipe diameter.



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